RFP Request For Proposal Content Management

Are you ready for RFP content management software to improve proposal performance for your organization?

If you are challenged by the proposal response process, why not consider using the right tool for the job: Expedience Software’s request for proposal content management software. Our software gives you the freedom to create customized proposals, with the necessary tools in place that you need to get the documents done on time. No more uncertainty, no more waiting until the last minute to assemble your proposal or RFP response.

With Expedience on your side, you can use a comprehensive RFP content management system to complete your proposals early. Let us help you improve your internal processes and maximize your proposal win rates.


How RFP Content Management Software Supports Your Processes

If your content managers and business development professionals are investigating ways to improve your current proposal process, it may be time to consider adopting request for proposal content management software. Proposal professionals and sales teams may benefit greatly by moving away from a challenging manual process to an automated system.

So, why not consider the help of a request for proposal content management system? Expedience offers a variety of tools and shortcuts that limit the routine administrative tasks associated with RFP and proposal production saving time for critical win-theme customization to the final document.

Our system allows users to:

  • Quickly edit and repurpose approved content for various proposals
  • Clearly communicate expectations about deadlines
  • Invoke an internal instance of Outlook within the software to communicate internally with team members
  • Review document changes for accuracy
  • Complete all tasks in the familiar Microsoft Office environment
  • Improve speed, efficiency, and professionalism in creating your documents

Take charge of your proposals and improve your win rate with the help of our RFP content management software. Our team is ready to help you implement the right tools for the job. Contact us now to learn more about our system.

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