Sales Proposals on Demand

Self-Service Checkbox Templates

‘Self-service’ proposals can be generated instantly by simply selecting the relevant content elements. Once assembled, the document can then be further personalized with automated placeholders and replacement fields.

Quick self-service proposals by simply selecting relevant content elements

Automate Common Sales & Marketing Documents

Use the Assembler to quickly assemble a variety of standard sales and marketing documents:

PDQs – ‘Proposals Done Quickly’

Designed with your specific layouts and branding, PDQs assemble beautifully formatted documents with your most up-to-date content. A PDQ can act as a master proposal template to provide a pre-structured proposal shell, including elements such as custom styles, cover pages, headers, footers, TOCs, section breaks, and other standard content. Best PDQs templates with cover pages, headers, footers, TOCs, section breaks, and other standard content.

PDQs Support Custom Extensions

Automated PDQ templates support a variety of custom extensions to support your team’s specific needs, such as conditional logic, Excel integration, PowerPoint mapping, custom workflows, and finishing steps. These Office based extensions are called ‘Accelerators.’ For more information, see ‘Accelerating Office.

PDQs Contain Automated Placeholders

PDQs can contain Placeholders both in the template itself and the content that is assembled from the Content Library. You can use placeholders for a proposal-specific company name, Outlook-linked contacts, selectable dropdowns, and other names and terms.

PDQs Support Custom Workflow Functions

Workflow functions are designed to support your team’s specific needs and processes and will vary depending on the custom PDQs that have been created for you. Examples of Workflow functions include:
  • Links to Excel Tables
  • PowerPoint Integration
  • Custom Finishing Steps

Advantages of PDQs

  • Automate quick, checkbox-created proposals
  • Sales self-service proposals, SOWs, DDQs, and more
  • Specialized automation customized to your workflow
  • Easily update documents with the most up-to-date content

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