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Increase your win rates with the Best RFP Response and Proposal Software built in MS Office

Expedience Overview

See our proposal solution in action! This high-level video summarizes the core functionality of Expedience Software’s proposal suite.

Increase your sales team's win rates with professional proposals

Why Expedience Software?

The proposal automation market is riddled with solutions geared at different uses and users. This video captures the key differences of the Expedience Software solution.

Best Request for Proposal Response Software built on Microsoft Word for proposal and sales teams

RFI & RFP Responses

Do you respond to formal Requests for Proposals (RFPs)? Watch this video to see how Expedience Software creates an optimized content library of RFP answers making faster and more accurate proposals.

Generate great RFP responses fast and easy with automated Proposal Templates

Sales Proposals on Demand

Enable your sales team with self-service proposals on demand! This video shows how Expedience allows you to create formatted templates ideal for proactive proposals.

Create professional looking proposals with approved styles and formatting

Proposal Styles & Formatting

Presentation, branding, and formatting matter! Watch this video to see how Expedience Software ensures 100% branding compliance with the Style Palette for Microsoft Word.

Easy Excel RFP responses using Word's real-time spelling and grammar checking, track changes, and commenting

Excel-Based RFPs

If you are forced to respond to RFPs issued in Microsoft Excel, you’ll want to see this video. Leverage the Expedience content library to automate responding to these challenging RFPs.

Automate great SOWs proposals even if complex configurations and detailed Excel calculations needed

Statements of Work (SOWs)

Watch this video to see how Statements of Work (SOWs) and other contracts are made more quickly and accurately using Expedience Software. Expedience reduces the costs and risks associated with these important documents!

Easily manage the proposal creation process from within Microsoft word

Proposal Management

Proposal Manager brings proposal process management directly to Microsoft Word. Proposal Manager allows you to flag incoming RFPs with critical elements to guide bid/no-bid decisions, submission instructions, clarification questions, assignments, and more.

Collaborate with SMEs and create great proposals using the power of Office 365

Collaborate with Subject Experts

This video discusses how Expedience Software helps resolve the challenges of coordinating proposal contributors and collaborating with subject experts.

Increase your win rates and win more business with our RFP Software

Return on Investment

In today’s economic climate, many savvy organizations require a business case and return on investment calculation for every investment. This video helps you create your business case for the proposal automation software investment.

Use the Expedience Software MS Office tools to better your RFP responses

Accelerating MS Office

For over 20 years, Expedience Software has been extending and modifying MS Office to support customer-specific requirements and processes. These enhancements have been productized as Expedience Accelerators. This video demonstrates the Finishing Steps, Excel SmartLinks, and the PowerPoint Accelerators.

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