Client Spotlight


Software/Technology Industry

A key challenge in the proposal process was incorporating extensive data from a sophisticated MS Excel-based pricing tool
for Managed Cloud offerings into their MS Word proposals while maintaining careful and consistent formatting throughout.

Asset Management Industry

Enhancing RFP Quality for German Fund Manager. Combined with Excel integration, the solution is transforming the team’s RFP process.

Technology / Cloud Solutions Industry

Integrated within the Microsoft Office suite, the Expedience platform takes the guesswork out of style issues and formatting.

Financial Services Industry

Ensuring Shorter Proposal Turnaround Times While Enhancing Proposal Quality

HR/Payroll & Workforce Management Industry

Presence of IT Efficiently Produces Proposals Using Expedience’s Proposal Automation and…

Global Mobility Industry

Enabling ‘Electrify’-ing’ Advances in Bid Automation with a Tool that’s Easy to Use and…

Financial Services Industry

Word®-Based RFP Automation Serving as a ‘Market Disrupter’, Enabling a 25 – 50% Quicker…

Hospitality & Travel Industry

Making Bid Responses as Seamless as Booking Travel with Customizable Template and Content…

Healthcare Industry

Enhancing Quality and Consistency of Sales Documents Beyond RFPs with Custom Content…