Style Palette

The Style Palette makes formatting a document quick and easy by supplying corporate styles and pre-formatted headers, footers, cover pages, and other document components.

The Style Palette helps ensure that all documents are consistent across the enterprise, despite differences among individual users and computers.

With the Style Palette You Can:

  • Store & Apply Custom Styles
  • Control Number & Bullet Lists
  • Insert Custom Headers, Footers, & Cover Pages
  • Run Reports on CommentsHighlighted text, & Acronyms
  • Automate Placeholders
  • Apply Finishing Steps

Multiple Style Palettes

Use different Style Palettes to easily switch between proposal formats. Match the formatting of an RFP, meet specific customer formatting requirements, or support multiple corporate style sheets.

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“I really love the Style Palette element of the Expedience software. Styles get so little said about them, however, Style Palette makes the formatting of a document so much easier and saves you so much time in the process.”

David Byrne, Head of Marketing
Schroder Adveq