Statement of Work Software

Expedience Software’s statement of work software improves the speed of SOW and proposal creation while increasing the quality of these important business development documents. Did you know that organizations that use proposal and SOW software to automate the creation of these documents on average have a fifty percent higher win rate?

The truth is that in many business development documents— as much as 80 percent of the content is reusable and easily automated. With the help of Expedience Software, you can transform your entire proposal library to look like your best statement of work examples. Instead of struggling with manual processes that cause bottlenecks and missed deadlines, improve your efficiency and accuracy with the help of Expedience Software.

Statement of Work Software that Really Works for You

Expedience Software prevents your team from having to dig through old statement of work examples, manually modifying them while hoping the content is current and optimized for the document.

Instead, we give your team the power to work from approved statement of work templates, improving their speed and ensuring that quality control is integrated right into the work. Imagine never having to worry again about the wrong client’s name being included in your proposal.

With Expedience Software’s easy-to-use system, efficiency and consistency can become a reality. Our software offers advantages over other statement of work tools because it is:

  • Entirely based in Microsoft Office, significantly reducing the learning curve and end-user training requirements. Expedience offers a guided approach with simple check boxes that tags required content in the library which is then assembled at the click of a button into a core proposal document.
  • Designed with content managers in mind, offering project management tools for proposal completion.
  • Set up so that subject matter experts can edit proposal documents without requiring their own license for the program.
  • Affordable and accessible for B2B organizations of all sizes.

Let us show you the ease and simplicity that comes to your proposal process when you choose to automate with Expedience Software. Our statement of work software is truly designed with your team in mind. We offer ongoing support through implementation and beyond, delivering the results you demand, when you need them. Ready to get started with a no-cost demonstration? Contact us now to learn more.

Teams do extraordinary things with Expedience Software