Statement Of Work Automation Software

With Expedience and our statement of work automation software, your organization can overcome any of the barriers that it faces in creating SOWs and other important documents or proposals.

It can be tough for some businesses to keep up with the necessary output of SOWs and other selling documents. If your company can’t keep up, that hurts your chances of acquiring new business. Now, there is a way to automate the SOW process.

Welcome to Expedience — Trusted Statement of Work Software

With Expedience Software, you can automate the statement of work process by utilizing our program, which is natively incorporated into Microsoft Word. Through Word, you can access a Content Portfolio, which features formatted and approved content that you can simply search and insert into the SOW.

As you create the SOW, Expedience provides formatting guidelines so that proposals look professional and consistent each and every time, and it’s thanks to our statement of work automation software. With Expedience, you can avoid some of the following pitfalls and hurdles that can come with this area of your business, including:

  • Having a hard time finding the necessary information for each proposal
  • Establishing consistency on proposals company-wide in accordance with your branding guidelines
  • Finding the time and manpower to draft these proposals
  • Ensuring that each proposal is accurate and in compliant
  • And more

None of these are issues when you lean on Expedience to automate the SOW process. We allow our users to create SOWs and other selling documents faster and with far less effort. The cost of ownership for our software is more affordable than the competition, to boot.

We want to show you our program in action. Talk to our team and arrange for a free demo. We’d love to show you how you can utilize our statement of work automation software.

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