SOW Statement Of Work Repository Software

One of the defining characteristics of Expedience Software and our SOW repository management software is that our solutions operate within Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office. MS Word is considered the standard word processing software for businesses across all industries globally.

Expedience brings the proposal and SOW-specific functionality and a SOW library management software to be accessed directly from within Microsoft Word. This means that users can compile detailed, accurate and professional looking SOWs and proposals without ever leaving Word. All the SOW and proposal automation functionality is accessed through the standard and familiar MS Word ribbon structure.

The fact that Expedience integrates natively within MS Word — and can also be utilized with both PowerPoint and Excel — means that our statement of work repository management software provides a variety of benefits that the competing solutions simply can’t offer. These include:

  • The learning curve is minimal. As long as your team members know their way around Microsoft Word, there is little new to learn in order to master our statement of work library management software.
  • Your team is able to adapt to it almost immediately, which means you can get to work right away saving time and resources with a newly streamlined proposal writing process.
  • The expenses tied in to our SOW repository management software are minimal, especially when compared to similar products. Since Expedience operates through Microsoft Word, there are no proprietary templates or elements to pay for and no licenses are needed for subject matter expert contributors.

All the while, you are able to retain complete control over your data. You can store the library content where you choose – in Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint and if security is a concern, your mission-critical content for the SOW library management software can be stored securely behind your internal firewall.

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