Statement of Work (SOW) Response Software

How can SOW response software help your firm increase your proposal win rate? Many companies are in search of ways to improve efficiency, leading to compressed proposal response times that generate a higher success for their business development teams.

At Expedience Software, our software brings a centralized library to standardize your winning SOW response examples to create a system-wide change, improving your company’s ability to secure new business while improving process efficiency. Let us show you how our proposal automation solutions can help you manage your own internal SOW response templates, improve the content and appearance of your proposals, and ultimately benefit your bottom line.

How SOW Response Software Works

Expedience Software’s SOW response tools are designed to automate much of your proposal process. What does that mean? Instead of having to manually search through piles of proposal content, looking for standard language that your firm uses time and time again, your sales and proposal teams can access a library that houses all pre-approved and pre-formatted proposal content including the SOW response examples they need to quickly create a proposal, RFP response, or Statement of Work.

Among other features, our system offers SOW response solutions that allow your team to quickly select content from a series of guided check boxes to immediately assemble the core SOW document in a matter of moments. This permits time for the critical customization of the document at hand ensuring through use of the placeholder form that the client’s name is never incorrect in your proposal documents. These tools allow your company to:

  • Experience better quality control and higher fidelity of proposal content which features your approved corporate branding and styles
  • Efficiently manage the proposal completion process through project management tools for your content users and authors Manage approved content and improve consistency throughout your submissions
  • Customize approaches to meet each unique request and opportunity
  • Improve your industry reputation and responsiveness

Every organization wants to be able to submit accurate proposals quickly and efficiently. Instead of relying on a manual approach, why not invest in the SOW response software that will truly provide an advantage for your team? Contact Expedience now to get started with your no-cost demonstration of our RFP and SOW response tools.

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