RFP Request For Proposal Library Management

Get a hands-on look at leading RFP repository management software by connecting with Expedience Software. We have created an industry-leading, proposal automation software solution that enables companies across many industries to create quick, professional, and consistent business-winning proposals.

Expedience is an RFP library management software, that provides proposal specialists with access to a library of RFP content and information for all different types of proposals. With this content library, your team is able to search and find, closely vet, and easily incorporate the optimal business-winning information into a proposal.

With this request for proposal repository management software, you never have to:

  • Go sifting through old RFPs and other documents to find answers that proved effective in the past.
  • Track down subject matter experts within your organization to help ensure the accuracy and completeness of technical information.
  • “Frankenstein” old RFPs and other proposals by copying and pasting them, and then manually going through to make sure all the information is up to date and accurate. With our request for proposal library management software, it’s easier and faster to create quality proposals from the ground up.

This RFP repository management software might seem daunting and time-consuming to learn, but it’s actually as easy as using Microsoft Word. Expedience Software adds proposal-specific features and automation tools to Word, so you can create better proposals more quickly. Expedience can even meet the needs of Excel-based RFPs and create PowerPoint presentations.


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