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At Expedience Software we are finding a need in the marketplace for our former Pragmatech line of products and are converting previous users to Expedience Software solutions in record numbers.

And with good reason! Expedience Software is a modern line of RFP and Proposal tools from Pragmatech co-founders Melissa Mabon and Brooke Savage, the inventors of The RFP Machine and Proposal SmartDocs.

From 1993 until the mid-2000’s Pragmatech Software dominated the market as the pre-eminent solution used by over 1,500 companies worldwide and by proposal professionals across diverse industry segments of healthcare, telecommunications, financial service, education, and more.

Are you a former or current user of the Pragmatech Solution set?

Pragmatech solutions included:

  • The RFP Machine
  • Proposal SmartDocs
  • The RFP Tracking System
  • The Proposal Automation Suite
  • RFP Express

Automate your RFPs and Proposals with Expedience.

Starting in 2011, RFP Machine users were faced with finding alternate solutions offering the same ease-of-use and functionality previously available through Pragmatech Software.

Expedience Software is a successor product to the Pragmatech solutions and offers many of the features that our former user community came to enjoy. Authors will no longer be tied to conventional combinations of software tools and multiple user interfaces. Expedience uses only one software platform – Microsoft Word®. The result yields dramatic improvements in speed, ease-of-use, and efficiency in accurately completing the challenging work of customized RFP and Proposal production.

Never again be at the mercy of Word’s idiosyncrasies. Respond to RFPs and Requests for Proposals with ease while collaborating with SMEs using perfectly formatted content made specifically ready with your pre-defined custom styles, headers, footers, legal disclaimers, custom bullets, cover pages, and complex lists.

The Expedience team has experience helping users implement our Word based solutions with successful results.

Improve quality. Decrease turn-around times by up to 50%. Increase win rates.
All within Microsoft Word.

“So fun to use! I love this product. It reminds me of the old Pragmatech products that were so popular. By far easier to use than the big cloud-based products. I like that they are in Word so you don’t have to log into anything to access so I can work anywhere without an Internet connection.”


Barbara Esmedina, RFP Manager


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