RFI Request For Information Repository Management Software

Change the way that your business creates RFI responses and other important business development documents by exploring the RFI repository management software made by Expedience Software.

Our team has created an automation suite that is natively integrated within Microsoft Office. This means that your team members can leverage the power, flexibility, and familiarity of Microsoft Word to access our RFI library management software.

Your staff can hit the ground running to create quick, accurate, and professional proposals using curated content that is pre-approved and pre-formatted for effectiveness and accuracy. Our clients report increased win rates using the Expedience solutions for the creation of many types of response documents including RFPs, Excel RFPs, RFIs, SOWs, DDQs, sales proposals and more.

How our Request for Information Repository Management Software Works

When you use Expedience, you never have to leave the familiar environment of Microsoft Word in order to create detailed, accurate proposals. That’s because all the features of our request for information library management software are contained within a Microsoft Word ribbon, giving you the options to create proposals, field by field, and utilize a content library to gain access to pre-loaded information.

Instead of manually tracking down winning information for your proposals, you can simply search for the optimal answers with our RFI repository management software and insert them into the proposal. This is one of the many features that makes it so quick and easy for you to create proposals with Expedience Software.

RFI library management software that integrates with Excel and PowerPoint, too!

Expedience allows you to automate Excel-based RFP responses in addition to creating PowerPoint presentations. The whole time, your team is accessing powerful new tools while sticking to programs they are already familiar with.

Our team would love to give you a free trial of our RFI repository management software. Contact the dedicated staff at Expedience Software and get started now.

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