RFI Request For Information Content Management Software

Finding the right fit in RFI content management software can seem overwhelming. With so many proposal automation options at your disposal, how do you know which one is best for your business?

Your organization deserves the request for information content management software that can deliver a higher win rate, improve your business reputation and ultimately allow your organization to grow. Without the right tools, your sales and proposal teams may never optimize the proposal process.

Give your team the best chance for success with the help of an RFI content management system from Expedience Software.

Project Management Integrated with RFI content Management Software

Creating RFI responses has never been easier than with Expedience solutions. Users are guided through a series of checkbox selections that tag to pre-approved and pre-formatted content housed in the content library. The RFI response document can be assembled at the click of a button with time to spare for further customization for the opportunity at hand.

If your sales and proposal teams are looking for a faster and improved manner in which to create RFI responses, the answer could be as simple as adopting request for information content management software. An easy-to-use proposal automation solution from Expedience Software can help your proposal and sales teams be self-sufficient in creation of these documents allowing teams to hit deadlines more reliably.

Our software offers exceptional value because it is:

  • Based in Microsoft Word. From directly within Word, content may be selected, updated, and formatted without ever leaving the Word environment. Integrated in a familiar software environment requiring less end-user training
  • Cost-effective, as subject matter experts do not need a license to edit documents for your proposals
  • Designed to reduce errors, improve quality of your content and reduce wait time in assembling and delivering professional and beautiful proposal documents such as RFIs, RFPs, Excel RFPs, SOWs, DDQs, proactive sales proposals and more!

Using a reliable request for information content management system can make a measurable difference in your ability to win work and compete in today’s marketplace. Let Expedience show you the difference when you select our RFI content management software. Contact our team now to get started with a custom demonstration.

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