Response Software For Statement Of Work

Is your organization considering response software for statements of work (SOWs)?

At Expedience, we have based our solutions on the premise that many sales and proposal team members prefer working within the familiar Microsoft Office Suite, which is why we have integrated our solution to automate the SOW response directly within Microsoft Word. In fact, our system adds an automation ribbon in Word that gives your team members a fast and easy way to create consistent, professional, and accurate SOWs. Best of all, the process is made easy with guided check boxes to select the appropriate pre-approved and formatted content for the SOW.

Let us show you the power of automation through our response software for SOW projects.

Save Administrative Time with our Response Software for Statement of Work Solutions

Learning to automate the SOW response process has never been easier. Our system provides the benefit of saving administrative time to be used for strategic functions including:

  • Customer and RFP Analysis
  • Response strategy and Win Themes
  • Client-specific content
  • Opportunity-specific differentiators

Expedience gives your teams the power to develop high-quality SOWs in which everyone’s voice is heard and represented. You want the most current sales persuasive content available for use in the proposal process — streamlining the steps with the help of our software can facilitate the preparation of winning sales documents.

Ready to learn more about our response software for statement of work creation? Contact Expedience today to schedule your no-risk demonstration.

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