Response Software For Request For Information

What is the primary feature you are seeking in your response software for request for information (RFI) documents? When you choose to automate the RFI response process with the help of Expedience, you are investing in a program that is optimized for effectiveness and efficiency in a familiar environment.

Our software is completely integrated within the Microsoft Office Suite, and it allows for quick, easy document assembly through automated templates that pull information directly from a centralized content library. This proposal content is selected through a guided checkbox menu and the core document is assembled with the click of a button. Sales teams love this feature. Content is drawn in from the content repository, completely proposal ready, having been pre-approved with all of your necessary branding requirements. Now, your sales and proposal teams can enjoy the benefits of automation with the help of Expedience as your response software for RFI.


Prime Features in a Response Software for Request for Information Submissions

Imagine the power of a software program that allows you to quickly assemble an RFI response document without ever having to leave Microsoft Word. Expedience’s power to automate the RFI response process allows your proposal and sales team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on strategic efforts that impact win-rates such as:

  • Customer and RFP analysis
  • Response strategy and win theme
  • Client-specific content
  • Opportunity-specific differentiators

Your proposal and sales team members will have the time to optimize the final RFI response for each opportunity due to the features included in Expedience’s response software for request for information. Our team has created a program that is designed to eliminate waste in your RFI response process, improve accuracy and generally support teamwork for these difficult projects. Let us show you the power of proposal automation for your proposals. A no-cost demonstration of our innovative product is just a click away — contact us now to learn more.

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