Request For Tender Software For Microsoft Office

Are you looking for request for tender software for Microsoft Office? There are a wide range of programs on the market that make the process of responding to RFTs, and other requests for information, faster and easier.However, many of them include buying, installing and learning a completely new complex program and abandoning many effective business processes in place now. This can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming for your team, as it can bring productivity to a halt. Expedience Software is different. Expedience is request for tender software for Microsoft Word and the other programs in the MS Office Suite, so you never have to leave these familiar programs to complete your work of accurately completing the challenging work of bid and tender production.

A Game-Changing Request for Tender Software for Microsoft Office

Expedience adds new capabilities and functions to your Microsoft Word ribbon. These include a content library, where you can store and recall information seamlessly, content management tools, automated templates and other formatting/branding tools.With this request for tender software for Microsoft Word, you don’t have to leave Word and you can complete a detailed, accurate bids or tenders that win more business.

It’s also Request for Tender Software for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

Expedience can also automate Excel and PowerPoint documents or templates to align with a proposal or RFT response. The Excel Connect solution, automates the process of importing an MS Excel RFP spreadsheet into a MS Word document as a table. Then use the Expedience MS Word proposal content library to answer questions and automatically update the original MS Excel RFP for return to the client.As request for tender software for Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, our clients also rely on Expedience to automate the creation of PowerPoint presentations that align specifically with the tender or proposal document. The benefit that is constantly realized by our clients is that they can take care of all the work with programs they are already familiar with – no extensive training needed.Get a firsthand look at the benefits of our request for tender software for Microsoft Office. Sign up for your free trial of Expedience.

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