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Which request for information software is right for your company? When you are considering proposal automation tools, you need a solution that is easy to use, affordable and aligns tightly with your processes.

There are a wide variety of automation systems that could generate request for information examples — but will your team use them? No matter how many bells and whistles accompany a new piece of software, it is only worthwhile if your employees actually buy-in and use the program. Your proposal professionals and sales teams are busy. Time is valuable and learning a complex new system from the ground up may be cost-prohibitive and may not ensure the continued user adoption rates required for success.

Instead of imposing long hours of end-user training, why not consider Expedience Software for managing your request for information templates? Your team can enjoy improved efficiency without the downtime, all thanks to our user-friendly, Microsoft Word-based request for information tools.

How our Request for Information Software Helps your Team

Expedience Software is a proposal automation software system that fully integrates with Microsoft Office products, including MS Word and MS Excel.

We help you put your best request for information examples to good use through a comprehensive library that puts content at your fingertips — no more searching for that RFI from last month that you want to use as a starting point. Not only will you have access to this library system, but your team will also benefit from tools such as:

  • Easy, in-program system that invokes Outlook and allows content managers to flag content for subject-matter experts’ and technical professionals’ input (no license required!)
  • Quick methods for completing your own templates
  • Content management system that allows for closer project management of proposal process
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for faster assembly and production of physical documents
  • And, more!

Your proposal and sales team members deserve access to a system that will serve their needs and improve their chances of success. Choose the right fit in request for information software: Expedience Software. We are dedicated to improving your RFI, RFP, Excel RFP, SOW, DDQ, and sales proposal response processes. Contact our team now to get started.

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