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Create Stunning, Branded, Tailored, Beautifully Formatted Proposals in Minutes not Hours!

“Fantastic product, which saves significant time and resources.”

Tom K.
Business Development Manager
Civil Engineering, 201-500 employees
Used the proposal software for: 2-3 years

Proposal Automation Software for Microsoft Office

Expedience automates complete end-to-end proposals directly from within Microsoft Word. Sales and proposal writers simply check boxes to select the relevant components, and Expedience generates a complete first draft in seconds using your latest branded content from a centralized content library. Bring all your RFP response content and your team together in one intelligent workspace. Upgrade your proposal processes by scheduling a demo with us today.

Proposal Automation Software for RFP Responses

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"Game changer for our proposal operations”

Overall: The proposal automation software itself is great, but the true stars of the show are the Expedience team--they are experienced proposal writers and Microsoft Word experts who understand the RFP response process. My support team is always looking for ways to improve the user and administrator experience, and they just love sharing pro tips and tricks. They have been amazing to work with, I always get a quick response when I have a question, and they always leave me better off than before I asked! The true value in the product is their expertise and flexibility. They're so invested in improving the user experience that it's like having a team of developers customize a solution for our company--the value is incredible, and the possibilities and features are limitless.

Jamie N.

Director, Sales Operations, Telecommunications, 501-1000 employees

Respected Team, Award Winning Proposal Software

For over 25 years the team at Expedience has delivered the industry standard in proposal writing software. Founded by proposal writers and managers, Expedience brings firsthand experience to delivering Proposal Automation Software that works the way proposal teams really work.

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Proposal Formatting & Styles

Lock in your presentation and formatting standards to ensure 100% adherence to your corporate styles with Style Palette, a branding automation ribbon directly inside of Microsoft Word. Never again will your formatting shift from proposal writer to proposal writer. And no more wasted time reformatting the inputs of your subject experts and contributors!

The Style Palette of our Proposal Software

Why Expedience?

Proposal software should work where proposal writers work. A key difference between Expedience and other niche proposal writing tools is that Expedience Software is built directly in Microsoft Office. Proposal writers primarily use Microsoft Word and Excel to respond to RFPs and construct proposals and other sales documents.

Proposal Teams

The Expedience Content Libraries organize content according to how it may be consumed by a proposal or sales team throughout the proposal process. The structure of libraries is flexible and dictated by the needs of the proposal writer, making both browsing and searching easy and intuitive.

Sales Teams

Expedience provides proposal tools specifically designed for salespeople. We help proposal managers package their proposal-ready content, their policies, and their expertise into simple and intuitive sales tools to enable sales teams to deliver fast, professional, winning proposals and RFP responses.

Collaborate with Subject Experts

Content updates require subject matter experts to engage in the process of reviewing and suggesting updates. Gaining engagement and compliance of subject experts, who commonly view this activity as ‘outside of their job’ is a major challenge. Being in Microsoft Word, a familiar application and format that does not require a separate login or learning curve greatly improves the user adoption of our software – especially with the subject expert community.

Keep Competive Content Safe

With Expedience Software, you never lose control of your content. You won’t have to upload your strategic proposal content to any other server. Our software lets you remain in complete control of your sensitive content. Distribute it as you see fit – your private network, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Never Leave Mic​rosoft Office

The hallmark of the Expedience Proposal Automation Software is its interconnectedness with Microsoft Word, along with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. This is because we understand that Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Office Suite are the primary workspaces for proposal writers.


Proposals Are About Persuasion

Compliance is critical. But compliance alone won’t win the business. Your proposals need to influence a buying decision in your favor. Expedience knows that proposal automation isn’t about finding the ‘right’ answer or ‘correct’ piece of content. It’s about finding the best content for the opportunity at hand. Curated, branded, and optimized for reuse.

Proposal Management Meets Simplicity. Finally.

Mark up an incoming RFP directly from within Microsoft Word and run customizable reports to execute assignments, make Bid/No-Bid decisions, communicate win themes, track requirements, and more! Our simple proposal management software helps you from RFP receipt to proposal submission – using only tools you know and love – Microsoft Word, Teams, Excel, and Outlook.

The Best Proposal Software for Sales Teams

Guidance and Guardrails

Automate your best practices, processes, and standards to guide your sales and proposal teams in creating consistently branded documents with your most up-to-date proposal content from a centralized library.

Guidance and Guardrails

Automate your best practices, processes, and standards to guide your proposal, sales teams, and subjects experts. And don’t worry, it’s so easy to use they will use it. Really.

Client Spotlig​hts

Here are some recent successes with Expedience Proposal Software. While the specific challenges vary client-by-client, the results are usually the same – faster, more scalable, better proposals and RFP responses that win more business.

“Based on our success, our Application Management and U.S. colleagues are also deploying Expedience. The possibilities are endless.”

Detlev Heumann

Head of Global Managed Services Solution Design and Costing, EMEA, itelligence

“Expedience is so user-friendly when it comes to Microsoft Word and Styles. I am pleased with Expedience always being there and available for me.”

Holly Karleskint

Director of Proposal Development, Keefe Group

“It is a journey; the goal was to have a baseline of content, looks professional without continually rework and accessible for reuse. With Expedience, we capture great work throughout the year, and it is forever there for reuse.”

Damon Buckle

Manager, Bids & tenders, Australia, Complete Office Supplies

“Simple but powerful”

"It is directly installed in Word, there is no additional software needed. As such, the learning curve is not that extreme, as you are using Word. Support - the team at Expedience are the embodiment of excellent client service, they really do go above and beyond to ensure that all your needs at met. I cannot praise them highly enough. Style Palette - I really loved this element of the Expedience proposal software. Styles get so little said about them, however, Style Palette makes the formatting of a document so much easier and saves you so much time in the process.

David B.

Head of Marketing, Financial Services, 51-200 employees