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How can your company reap the benefits of proposal automation throughout your document creation process?Let’s explore the Expedience creation process for several types of common proposal documents…

Proposal Content Management Software for RFP’s| Proposal Content Management Software for DDQ’s

Expedience Content Portfolios are Microsoft Word Ribbons that provide instantaneous access to stored RFP content during the preparation of a request for proposal or due diligence questionnaire. Content Portfolios are loaded with your organization’s formatted and approved content, ready for use within new proposals. Automatically search, format and insert answers directly into your RFP or DDQ. The information you need is always available immediately in Word.

Proposal Content Management Software for RFI’s | Proposal Content Management Software for SOW’s

Once a pre-established Blueprint template has tagged content from the Content Portfolio library, the document is assembled, and content from the Content Portfolio replaces each tag or check box in the document. The result is a quickly generated and beautifully formatted RFI or SOW document with the most up-to-date content customized with automated placeholders and replacement fields.Benefits of Proposal Content Management Software for RFP’s | Proposal Content Management Software for DDQ’s Our software’s advantages for RFP and DDQ response include:
  • Instantaneous access to search and insert pre-approved and pre-formatted answers into the target RFP or DDQ document
  • Eliminates the need to search through old file folders or previous responses to have the most up-to-date response possible
  • Limit administrative time required to complete the RFP or DDQ allowing additional time to customize the response with critical strategic finishing steps

Benefits of Proposal Content Management Software for RFI’s | Proposal Content Management Software for SOW’s

Our software’s advantages for RFI and SOW response:
  • Never again have to start from scratch to create a template for your RFI and SOW documents
  • Empower the sales team to utilize the software for self-serve RFI and SOW documents that conform to content and formatting standards
  • Improve the quality of the response document while decreasing the time required to find, insert and finalize the response
Expedience is the premier choice for Proposal Content Management Software For RFP’s RFI’s SOW’s and DDQ’s among financial services, asset management, healthcare, legal, business services, manufacturing and technology organizations, as we offer a simple solution that leads to a higher win rate, improved document quality, and overall faster experience for your company’s proposal and sales professionals. Our software’s advantages include:
  • Integrates with existing Microsoft Office software, making end-user training a breeze
  • Comprehensive solutions for every step of the proposal process, including final assembly at the click of a button
  • Ease of communication with team members
  • Project management tools that clearly delineate and communicate responsibilities
  • Cost-effectiveness because subject matter experts never have to purchase a software license
Your proposal automation solution needs to be quick to implement, reliable and effective in improving your proposal process. Let us bring our 20+ years of experience in the proposal automation industry to your organization, improving your win rates and yielding more business for your firm. Contact our team today for a no-cost, custom demonstration of our product.

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