Microsoft Word SOW Statement

How can your   project management professionals be supported by a comprehensive Microsoft Word SOW software? If you have been working to develop a stronger proposal program, your organization has come to depend on the key contributions of your project management professionals — so what if their jobs were made even easier with the help of Microsoft Word statement of work software?

At Expedience Software, we know that your  experts hold the answers that your clients seek, but sometimes your team has difficulty communicating intent and competency through their statements of work. That is why we offer the ability to develop your own custom Microsoft Word SOW templates. When your team needs a quick, reliable method for submitting statement of work documents, they need the power of our Microsoft Word SOW tool.

How Our Microsoft Word SOW Software Meets Your  Experts on Their Level

Your  internal experts  may not have the time or ability to learn an entirely new computer program for their statement of work development. At Expedience Software, we offer the Microsoft Word statement of work software that integrates with the Microsoft Office programs you are already using. What does this mean for your organization?

  • Instead of struggling with formatting, they will be able to use your custom developed Microsoft Word statement of work templates to quickly and easily populate proposal documents.
  • Your proposal and sales team can create templates that guide others through their statement of work development.
  • With these Microsoft Word statement of work tools, you can reduce uncertainty around the process and improve the quality of content that is included from your team.

Stop worrying about proposals and start delivering higher-level documents with the help of our Microsoft Word SOW software. Contact our team now to schedule a no-cost product demonstration. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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