Microsoft Word RFP Software

So, your business is growing, and your proposal and sales teams are constantly facing the challenge of keeping up with the requirements for proposals — time to start looking for Microsoft Word RFP software.

If your business development team is already backed up with proposal requests, you simply cannot wait to deploy Microsoft Word request for proposal software. At Expedience Software, we take your proposal efforts from complex to efficient, all with a few clicks of a button. Imagine being able to create a proposal or RFP response by simply searching and inserting answers from a library with all of your pre-approved content formatted specifically to your branding guidelines.

With Expedience, that dream is possible. Our software also delivers the capability to build your own custom Microsoft Word RFP templates, eliminating inconsistency and improving certainty in your proactive proposal creation process.

Your technical professionals benefit from our Microsoft Word RFP software

Technical professionals are not business development professionals — they are:

  • Physicians
  • Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Manufacturers
  • And more

These team members generally need to be involved in drafting the technical elements of a proposal, but they may find the process cumbersome and inefficient making it difficult to get their input. Furthermore, they may feel uncertain about the expectations around creating the proposal.

An Innovative Tool to Streamline the Process

At Expedience, we provide your team with the Microsoft Word request for proposal software that eliminates that uncertainty — all your technical professionals need to do is provide their responses within a standard Word document with no license required. With our Microsoft Word request for proposal templates at the fingertips of your proposal and sales teams, your technical pros can be asked to contribute content for their section of the proposal quickly and easily.

Expedience Software’s Microsoft Word RFP tools are easy to use because they integrate with systems you already have in place. Our program requires very little end-user training, delivering enormous ROI without a large investment up-front. When your team needs Microsoft Word request for proposal tools that will not take a year to master, it is time to turn to Expedience.

Ready to learn what our Microsoft Word RFP software can do for you? Contact our team now for a product demonstration in efficiency. We can also conduct an analysis of your proposal system to identify opportunities for growth. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Teams do extraordinary things with Expedience Software