Microsoft Word DDQ Automation Software

Filling out a due diligence questionnaire in traditional fashion can take a while and drag many of your staff and resources into the mix — with Microsoft Word DDQ automation software, you can fill in, and package, this information quickly and efficiently.

If this sounds like something your business could leverage, then we invite you to explore the many features associated with Expedience, which is leading Microsoft Word Due Diligence Questionnaire automation software.

Approved Content Available When you Need It

With our Microsoft Word DDQ software, you and your team don’t have to learn any outside programs — Expedience is completely contained within Word and can be integrated with Excel and PowerPoint.

Through Expedience, you and your team have access to pre-approved information that is stored in the Content Portfolio. Your content can be stored where you choose.  Whether that be Dropbox, SharePoint, One Drive or if there are concerns about security issues — thanks to our Microsoft Word due diligence questionnaire software, you can keep your information safe, yet accessible behind your firewall, so that it can be added to a DDQ or other proposals quickly.

Formatting is a breeze with our Microsoft Word DDQ automation software

Format and aesthetics are vitally important for DDQs, because this reflects on your company and brand. Our Microsoft Word due diligence questionnaire automation software features a Style Palette that allows for pre-formatted and pre-approved content within the Content Portfolio.

No more spending significant time on formatting DDQs and tracking down the necessary information from multiple team members. Instead, your business can turn around a quick, accurate and readable DDQ that provides an investor or potential buyer with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

We’re ready to show you our Microsoft Word DDQ automation software in action. Get started by connecting with the staff at Expedience.

“Very pleased with Expedience Software solutions! It is a fun, easy-to-use tool for preparing RFPs and questionnaires. Rather than digging through old RFPs and searching for appropriate answers, we now have a comprehensive database that is easy to maintain. We are also much more efficient in generating consistent messaging.”

Brent O’Neil, Senior Client Service Associate

Keeley Teton Advisor

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