Microsoft Office SOW Software and Tools

If it is time to update your Statement of Work (SOW) response capability you may want to consider Microsoft Office SOW software offered by Expedience. When your team crafts an expert SOW, you want to make sure that it is captured and stored for future reference.

Efficiently archiving your content and templates for response can be a challenge. That is why Expedience Microsoft Office statement of work software is designed to help you catalog content in an easily accessible content repository, ready for use in your next SOW response. In addition, our system helps reinforce the  formatting and consistency you deliver through Microsoft Office SOW templates.

Your organization can support your  sales and proposal teams by creating an easier, more intuitive system for creating a statement of work. Stop the confusion and start communicating your message to your clients with our Microsoft Office SOW tools.

Your Customized Microsoft Office SOW Software

Set your company apart from the competition. Your company deserves Microsoft Office statement of work software that gives your team the power to customize and create the templates that best communicate your brand values and aesthetic. Using stale, pre-packaged Microsoft Office statement of work templates is the fastest way to get your prospects and clients to lose interest in your  firm’s capabilities.

Instead, why not consider working with more advanced Microsoft Office statement of work tools? Not only does Expedience help you quickly reference the “winning” proposal strategies that have driven sales in the past — our system also makes it easy to carry your branding through all of your proposal  requirements.

From PowerPoint presentations to executive summaries, from sales letters to RFPs and RFIs, Expedience is a trusted resource. We offer the easy-to-use Microsoft Office SOW software that does the difficult work for you. Ready to get started? Contact our team now to learn more about your options and get started with a no-cost demonstration.

Teams do extraordinary things with Expedience Software