Microsoft Excel SOW Software

When your team needs Microsoft Excel SOW software to create top-notch proposal and sales documents, it is time to turn to Expedience Software. Our team of proposal experts has crafted an efficient, intuitive Microsoft Excel statement of work software that empowers your sales and proposal teams to create attractive, standardized SOW documents in Word and Excel. Save time and prevent errors with the use of custom, in-house Microsoft Excel SOW templates!

Maintaining the Quality of your Proposals with Microsoft Excel SOW Software

How many times have you accidentally submitted the wrong rates or costs in a proposal because your team was using an outdated spreadsheet to populate the document? Mistakes like that happen with some frequency in business.

Avoid such issues with the use of Microsoft Excel statement of work software. When you use our Microsoft Excel statement of work templates, your sales and proposal professionals will have the most up-to-date pre-approved information, ensuring you are giving the client an accurate representation of scope, schedule, key assumptions, and price.

Our Microsoft Excel SOW tools are designed to be quick and efficient, allowing you the confidence that the content is always accurate and up to date. Furthermore, our Microsoft Excel statement of work tools can also store pre-defined tables for pricing and schedule outlines.

When it comes to Microsoft Excel SOW software, you need a quick, efficient and highly regarded program that can truly address your concerns. At Expedience Software, we offer a thorough proposal review process to identify opportunities for growth within your company’s proposal process. Our audit will educate your team in industry best practices, providing you with the tools you need to successfully deploy our product within your organization. We coach you toward the attractive, efficient proposals that will yield new clients for your business’s bottom line. Contact our team today to get started with your brand-new proposal automation system.

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