Microsoft Excel RFP Software

Is your company still trying to answer Excel RFPs without the help of Microsoft Excel RFP software?

At Expedience Software, we know that your sales and proposal personnel can benefit from the support of high-quality Microsoft Excel request for proposal software. Instead of attempting to use Excel to respond to a request for proposal why not use a Microsoft Excel RFP tool that can create responses within Microsoft Word, pull the content from the content repository, prepare the content to be Excel ready and then automatically map the answers back into Excel all while navigating the hidden restrictions imposed by the RFP issuers.

How our Microsoft Excel RFP Software Limits the Guesswork

Many of today’s best proposal automation software options still lack the ability to integrate with your Microsoft Office products — but not Expedience. We meet your proposal professionals where they are, offering comprehensive support for your proposals with easy-to-use Microsoft Excel RFP tools. No more guessing at cell restrictions.  The software will inspect the cells and display a summary of the types of restrictions and criteria saving valuable time and effort.

What if, instead of relying on manual copying and pasting, you could simply link your Microsoft Excel RFP templates to a Word document and use the pre-approved and pre-formatted library of content to populate the Word document?  A simple step to ensure that bullets and images are Excel ready and the content is then mapped into the Excel response document.  No more copy and pasting required. With Expedience’s Microsoft Excel request for proposal software, you can do just that. Reduce errors , save time, and meet the delivery.

Our Microsoft Excel request for proposal templates help you streamline, eliminate waste and promote accuracy in the proposal process. When your teams are equipped with Expedience’s Microsoft Excel request for proposal tools, they can provide you with the knowledge and performance you need to win major contracts. Stop guessing and start winning with the help of our Microsoft Excel RFP software — contact our team now to learn more and schedule a product demo.

Teams do extraordinary things with Expedience Software