How To Write a Proper Statement Of Work (SOW)

Do you find it cumbersome to teach team members at your company how to write a statement of work or SOW? This document can be rather difficult to assemble from scratch, but it’s also paramount in attracting new clients.

That’s why business managers are constantly on the lookout for a way to generate SOWs quickly while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the information. The folks here at Expedience have listened, and, as a result, we have created our SOW software solution.

Expedience is poised to become a premier statement for work software solution for your organization. Here’s a little bit about it:

  • One of the defining aspects of our SOW software solution is that it integrates with Microsoft Office. That means, instead of learning a new program, you can operate Expedience directly through Word. There is never a need to leave Microsoft Word while completing a SOW document.
  • Expedience empowers just about anyone to learn how to write a SOW. Technical, formatted, pre-approved content is available at the click of a mouse thanks to Expedience’s Content Portfolio — no more tracking down information or scouring previous SOWs for it.
  • Expedience creates beautiful, well-formatted SOWs and other proposal and RFP responses, which reflect positively on your company. When learning how to write a statement of work or SOW, formatting is important, and Expedience lays out a clear-cut blueprint to follow.

So, what are the end results of utilizing Expedience Software in your everyday operations? You will be able to submit more proposals, win more bids, all while saving the time and effort it used to cost drafting these important documents up from scratch.

Try Our Statement of Work Software Solution.

If you want to see how to write a statement of work or SOW more efficiently, then connect with Expedience and sign up for a free demo.

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