How To Optimise RFP

Successful industry experts know how to optimise the proposal process. Key metrics in RFP optimisation include improved efficiencies, increased cost-effectiveness, and increased down-selections and win-rates. Research shows that between 40 to 60 percent of sales and proposal creation tasks are administrative in nature and can be easily automated.

Reducing the time spent completing these administrative tasks associated with manual RFP, RFI, SOW, and DDQ processes with an automation solution is the best approach to optimize and streamline these critical business development documents.

Expedience Software offers the premier options for increasing efficiency and streamlining your organization’s proposal process. Let us help you troubleshoot your current methodology and improve productivity at your company.

How to Optimise the RFP process | How to Optimise the DDQ Process

Automation of RFPs and DDQs will require consensus on all levels of your company understanding there are gains to be made through automation including improved quality, decreased turn-around times and increased win-rates.

Through Expedience applications all content will be pre-approved and pre-formatted according to your brand standards and stored in a central repository in a location of your choosing such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint or if security is of concern – on your own internal network behind the firewall.

Edits and additions to the content library embrace the revisions and suggestions from all those involved in the proposal process and with the content management features in play there is a continuum of constant refresh for this mission critical proposal ready information.

How to Optimize the RFI Process | How to Optimize the SOW Process

RFIs and SOWs require templates to output the content into the proposal document. Expedience Software uses “blueprints” with a series of checkboxes to guide the sales person or proposal manager through the selection process of the content most relevant to a given opportunity. A click on the “assemble” button creates a core document in moments giving the author the required time to complete ever important strategic finishing steps to customize the response document to the situation at hand.

Never again rely solely on proof-reading to be sure that all of the static information in the finished document has been updated. Use of the “assembler” ensures a quickly generated and beautifully formatted document with the most up-to-date content customized with automated placeholders and replacement fields.

Expedience Software believes that most issues with document preparation are, in fact, related to your processes, and not the capability of your sales and proposal teams. Traditional methods demand that reviewers compile edits within draft documents and send them back for additional edits — but those edits often take too long, leading to a rushed beat-the-clock process to finalize the proposal document.

Document quality may be poor because proposals are too generic. Clients prefer a customized approach that considers their specific needs, and they are far less likely to select a firm that does not specifically relate content and deliverables to their requirements when creating a proposal.

Avoid those pitfalls by learning how to optimise the RFP process, how to optimise the RFI process and SOW, DDQ response with Expedience’s convenient software. We offer tools that fully integrate with Microsoft Office, which makes training on our software solutions a breeze. Enjoy immediate benefits and a win-rate that could double with the use of our Expedience products. Ready to get started? Contact our team now for more information.

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