How To Improve Statement Of Work Process

As a proposal professional or business development specialist, you are likely looking to learn how to improve the statement of work process at your company.

If you are creating statements of work manually by copying and pasting from old SOWs, you likely already know how difficult it is to achieve consistent, accurate, and high-quality results. The larger the team of professionals needed to complete your SOWs, the greater this problem becomes. Sales and proposal teams spend a fair amount of time working to optimize the SOW process, but these efforts commonly fail without the tools to support their process.

Instead of relying only on make-shift, manual efforts to improve the SOW process, why not consider implementing a proposal automation software tool? At Expedience Software, we can show you how to optimize the SOW process using our high-tech solutions.

Knowing How to Improve the Statement of Work Process

To complete a SOW, proposal and sales professionals need a complete set of approved information including all customer requirements, project assumptions, risk-limiting statements, and more. To be most effective, this information needs to be delivered in a direct, easy-to-understand format, preferably within the SOW document itself.

Expedience has found that a streamlined content library supported by team collaboration and cooperation are key elements to optimize the SOW process. Your proposal managers can provide rapid feedback for SOW documents, all thanks to the multi-authoring tools that are included in the Expedience system. These tools:

  • Integrate fully with Review and Track Changes functions in Microsoft Word
  • Offer options for Outlook integration – a faster way to connect with your subject matter experts
  • Provide opportunities to directly link to specific content within a document
  • Allow for faster, more insightful feedback that helps your SMEs develop their writing capabilities

Imagine learning how to improve the statement of work process, and then rapidly implementing a change, all with the help of a trusted software provider. With Expedience Software, your team can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive software solution, all without the difficulties associated with learning a new program. Expedience’s full integration with Microsoft Word makes it the most intuitive, easy-to-use option on the market today. Ready to get started with our innovative solution? Call or click today to schedule your risk-free demonstration.

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