How To Improve SOW Process

It is the big question that remains unanswered for many professional services organizations: How to improve our SOW process?

At Expedience Software, we believe that the key to streamlining your RFP and SOW processes lies in embracing the right technology partner. Beyond the automation and efficiency benefits, RFP and SOW software creates a framework to advance your SOW business development efforts. Many clients find that simply using manual processes and stored files is not enough to promote true team unity for RFP responses.

Instead, why not consider working with Expedience Software, the fully integrated platform that includes unique systems for team collaboration and cooperation? At Expedience, we know that our clients value the ability to quickly communicate with their teams, which is why we have included SOW management tools that support teamwork and responsiveness.

How to Improve the SOW process: Collaborative Tools

Expedience Software is designed for ease of use and to improve the collaborative approach within your team. We actually offer specific in-application tools that are designed to improve teamwork.

  • Expedience’s full integration with Microsoft Word allows the software to leverage existing features, including Review and Track Changes components. This means that your team is able to communicate about changes, often directly through SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365, among other collaboration platforms.
  • In addition, our SOW management software offers a communication tool that allows you to email directly from the proposal document instead of having to switch over to Outlook or another email tool.
  • This approach offers numerous advantages, not the least of which is the ability to link directly to pages or paragraphs of the document that need to be addressed. Your sales team can quickly send selected questions or items to the subject matter experts, improving team collaboration and communication!

When you are wondering how to improve your SOW process, you need not look any further than Expedience Software. Our team is standing by to help — call or click today to get started.

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