How To Improve RFP Process

If you are wondering how to improve the RFP process at your organization, you are not alone. At Expedience Software, we hear from companies every day who are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their RFP response process

Your organization has likely invested heavily in creating efficiencies for your work products, but how do you replicate those steps for your sales and marketing tasks such as responding to RFPs and creating proactive proposals?

RFP management software helps your proposal and sales teams spend the time where it matters — with the strategic tasks associated with proposal production — instead of ministering to all of the administrative tasks that go along with creating the response document including:

  • Building core proposal document
  • Searching for standard/existing proposal content & answers
  • Reading/proofing/fixing content
  • Formatting to align

The use of RFP management software eliminates these administrative tasks and allows your teams to use the time saved for the important strategic tasks such as:

  • Customer & RFP analysis
  • Response strategy & win theme
  • Writing client-specific content
  • Proofreading

Research shows that sales teams that have access to the right technological tools increase annual revenue at 2.3 times the speed of their low-tech competitors. Let Expedience’s RFP management tools support your sales team to new heights.

First Steps in How to Improve the RFP Process

Many companies try to take on too many challenges when evolving their RFP process. We’ve found a far more successful model is to start by improving the top requirement or the biggest challenge. Commonly, this is the process for creating the RFP response document itself. With Expedience Software, your team will have access to the best RFP management software native to MS Word. This solution is the most effective way of addressing the document creation process and making a huge step towards improving the RFP process.

The more defined your process, the clearer the responsibilities, the more likely your team will be successful. With Expedience Software, your team can then:

  • Formally define your RFP Process and Strategy
  • Establish methods for ensuring consistency of content updates and the review cycle
  • Determine processes to organize content and make it available in a centralized location
  • Maintain methods for process efficiencies by eliminating administrative tasks and improving collaboration throughout the team of contributors

With a comprehensive proposal management system like Expedience Software, your team is well on its way to learning how to improve RFP process steps. Let our solutions play a role in your efficiency management and process improvement. Contact us now for a product demonstration.

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