How To Improve Request For Information Process

Figuring out how to improve the request for information response process is difficult for many companies. Even larger firms — those with more extensive resources — commonly struggle with inefficient manual RFI response processes.

No matter the size of your company, you need methods to help you optimize the RFI process. Otherwise, you stand to waste a significant amount of time, money and energy on proposals that do not win business. When your serious about investing to improve the RFI process you should strongly consider Expedience’s proposal automation software.

Let Expedience Software show you what we have learned about how to optimize the request for information response process steps.

Knowing How to Improve the Request for Information Response Process

How many times have you found yourself sending proposals back for edits simply because they do not comply with corporate branding standards?

Your corporate marketing team has developed style guides, official colors and other standards for consistency’s sake and your department needs to comply. However, when you have to manually manage these proposal elements, it is only natural that some errors occur.

At Expedience Software, we help you improve consistency and optimize the RFI process through our Style Palette tool. With Style Palette, your team can:

  • Create and apply custom document styles (for different types of responses, or even different clients)
  • Control the style of numbered or bulleted lists
  • Automate placeholders
  • Run reports on comments, highlighted text and acronyms
  • And even insert custom headers, footers and cover pages

Knowing how to improve the request for information response process starts with a commitment to consistency. Getting your team on the same page with their proposal response style and approach can be a great first step, and Expedience can help. Ready to learn more? Contact our team today to get started.

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