Excel RFP Inspector

The Expedience Excel RFP Inspector is a Microsoft Excel Addin that allows you to inspect an Excel RFP or other spreadsheet, for restrictions and criteria, even if the Spreadsheet is protected.

RFP Inspector Ribbon in Microsoft Excel Inspects RFPs

Inspect Cell Data Validation

In some Excel RFPS there are restrictions on the type or length of individual responses. To inspect the criteria applied to a given cell, simply put the cursor in the cell and click ‘Inspect Cell.

Inspect a Worksheet’s Protection Settings

If a Worksheet is protected it becomes difficult to predict what restrictions and criteria may apply to the types and length of RFP responses. To evaluate the conditions placed on a protected sheet, click ‘Inspect Worksheet.’ The RFP Inspector will display a summary of the types of restrictions and criteria.

Inspect RFP Workbook

Instead of inspecting each cell separately you can also choose to generate a report that will list all the restrictions applied to all the sheets in the Workbook.

RFP Inspector Generates a Report of the entire Excel RFP

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“In our assessment of RFP software, we found that some of the software out there is too feature rich, too powerful if you want and you end up paying for features that you do not use. Expedience helps streamline our RFP process, ultimately making the process more efficient and scalable.”


David Byrne, Head of Marketing

Schroder Adveq