DDQ Software Examples

Using the right DDQ software allows your company to deliver custom, accurate questionnaire responses to each client opportunity without difficulty. Automating your due diligence questionnaires can save a significant amount of time and money.

At Expedience Software, we have created an easy-to-use set of DDQ tools that eliminate uncertainty, improve the speed of submission and lead to less difficulty for your team. Let us show you how our DDQ examples can save the day when you are submitting a DDQ response.

Manual Updating: A Sign That you Should Consider Automating with DDQ software

Managing DDQ examples and responding to DDQ templates in a manual system is burdensome and error prone. How many times have your sales or proposal teams had to sort through piles of digital information, looking for the previous questionnaire that has the information they need?

Without an automated software solution, DDQ information is not always readily available and it is complicated for a writer to know which version is the most up to date. Help your proposal and sales professionals accurately complete DDQ forms with Expedience’s DDQ solutions.

Easy, Step-by-Step Proposal Creation

DDQ software allows your team members to easily search and insert content within fill-in-the-blank DDQ templates. We make updating content easy and simple by ensuring that commonly used information is pre-formatted to your standards and readily available to your team members.

Expedience also reduces errors because it eliminates the need for employees to maintain individual copies of DDQ documents, instead content is stored and maintained in a content library housed in an easily accessible central location. Keep control of your information and dramatically reduce the risk of mistakes with the help of Expedience Software.

Our DDQ software is entirely based in the familiar Microsoft Office programs, reducing the “learning curve” and eliminating the need for endless complicated and expensive end-user training. Ready to get started today? Contact our software experts now to learn more about your options.

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