DDQ Questionnaire Content Management Software

Responding to due diligence questionnaires is a necessary, but sometimes challenging business requirement. But, what if you could streamline your responses with the help of an automated DDQ content management software?Instead of storing old DDQ documents on a shared drive, hoping that the answers can be found when needed and remain current, your team can use Expedience Software’s due diligence questionnaire content management software to improve the speed and quality of your response. At Expedience, we know that filling out DDQ documents can be improved with the addition of automation.A common scenario for sales and proposal teams is to manually search through old folders or shared drives for previous responses that may no longer be the best possible answers for the target document. Instead of digging through piles of information, your team can access our online DDQ content management system, quickly creating the DDQ responses that you can be confident are the best possible answers in a timely manner.

How DDQ Content Management Software Helps Your Organization

Instead of guessing or spending days compiling the information in response to a DDQ, why not use our due diligence questionnaire content management software?Expedience allows you to:
  • Build complete libraries of pre-approved and pre-formatted content that complies with your branding standards
  • Easily review documents for accuracy
  • Store proposal content where you choose – on Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint or if security is a concern, tucked safely behind your internal firewall
  • Quickly assign tasks to different team members
Countless clients have already experienced the benefits of switching to our due diligence questionnaire content management system. Let us show you just how efficient our DDQ content management software can be. Contact Expedience today to get started with your transition into the future of proposal automation.

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