Custom RFI Request For Microsoft Office

Expedience Software has created custom RFI software for Microsoft Office that has benefitted a wide range of companies from all different industries. Our software is a tremendous asset If you belong to a space that requires the frequent submission of RFI documents.

With our custom request for information software for Microsoft Office, you can automate the production of your RFI documents. Instead of investing in pricey programs and other forms of software, you can leverage our custom RFI software and operate entirely within your Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Our custom request for information software integrates with Microsoft Word, embedding your content within the Content Portfolio ribbon allowing you to quickly and efficiently create the associated RFI document.

With our custom RFI software for Microsoft Office, you can quickly search for, retrieve and insert approved content directly into the target document. Formatting is simple, too, thanks to Expedience’s Style Palette, which allows you to  produce a perfectly formatted, winning document based on your own branding guidelines.

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RFI responses are vastly important — you simply can’t cut corners when it comes to compiling this information. With Expedience Software, we speed up this process while maintaining the integrity of the document and the information it contains.

We invite you to explore how powerful and easy it is to use our custom RFI software for Microsoft Office. Connect with the team at Expedience and arrange for your opportunity to try it out.

“Very pleased with Expedience Software solutions! It is a fun, easy-to-use tool for preparing RFPs and questionnaires. Rather than digging through old RFPs and searching for appropriate answers, we now have a comprehensive database that is easy to maintain. We are also much more efficient in generating consistent messaging.”

Brent O’Neil, Senior Client Service Associate

Keeley Teton Advisor

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