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Is your business looking to increase the speed and accuracy as you create RFP responses? Here at Expedience Software, we have developed a proposal automation solution that streamlines this process, making it easy to use, fast, and accurate.

How does your business currently handle the process of creating, and submitting RFP responses, and other proposal documents? If you’re like most businesses that we speak with, you probably draw on information contained in old proposals, network files or rely on memory of others. By cobbling together information from old documents, updating it and adding whatever original content you need, your team is eventually able to piece together a sub-optimal proposal that scores low on professionalism and quality matrixes and simply doesn’t put your business’ best foot forward.

Clearly, this isn’t the best way to create RFP documents. The team at Expedience Software is here to tell you that there is a much better way. When you take this tedious manual approach to create RFP responses, you face a number of serious issues that could be impacting your bottom line.

  • For starters, it’s quite time consuming to sift through old proposals and update the content. You might even be faced with people making information up just to satisfy the requirement to get the RFP response completed and out the door.
  • Putting together proposals in this fashion opens you up for inconsistencies in formatting and branding. You want all your materials to look the same and meet your branding standard with a professional level of quality. Both are tough to do when you’re throwing together proposals on the fly.
  • Don’t forget the fact that outdated information (such as the wrong client name in the final document) and other mistakes can still sneak into your proposals, making your business look unprofessional and potentially even hurting your win rate.

All this can be avoided with Expedience’s RFP response software. It operates natively within Microsoft Word, so you can create RFP responses without leaving this familiar program. It has all the features for easy proposal creation — customized with automated placeholders and replacement fields. The content is always available in a centrally located library for access to pre-approved and pre-formatted content that you can simply search and insert into the RFP response document. Your proposals will be accurate, consistent, and easy to generate.

Learn more about the most effective way to create RFP responses by connecting with the team at Expedience Software.

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