Business Sales Proposal Content Management Software

What can business proposal content management software bring to your organization? At Expedience Software, we know that many organizations are seeking new and creative methods for improving their sales proposal win-rates.Instead of using the same-old, same-old approach, why not consider trying sales proposal content management software? Expedience products are designed to appeal to clients in a wide range of industries from financial services, asset management, healthcare, legal, business services, manufacturing and technology organizations.Let us show you how you can integrate your proposal efforts, improve the quality of your submissions, and ultimately win more business with the help of our business proposal content automation software.

Why Automating with Business Proposal Content Management Software Just Makes Sense

Let’s face it, competition has never been greater. Your proposal and sales teams need the support of efficient processes as they strive to win new business for your company. The use of sales proposal content management software can help your business development team create more specific, tailored documents that reflect the real needs of the prospect.Using traditional methods to craft a sales proposal can yield fair results but integrating sales proposal content automation software elevates your efforts. Expedience Software offers unparalleled options for collaborating with team members, personalizing documents for clients and ultimately crafting the most accurate sales proposals. This power allows your sales team members to:
  • Select content for the sales proposal from the content library through a guided method of checkboxes ensuring the content is specific to the opportunity at hand
  • Ensure content used in the sales proposal is pre-approved and pre-formatted to alleviate concerns of inconsistencies from salesperson to salesperson throughout the organization
  • Create sales proposals within moments through rapid automated assembly leaving time for the required customizations unique to each opportunity
When you are considering sales proposal content automation software for your organization, you only deserve the best and most economical option.Expedience offers the business proposal content management software that gives your firm the extra edge in a competitive marketplace. Contact us now to get started.

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