Proposal management software is a great way to get your proposal ready for the right audience. Sales teams can deliver on-demand self-service proposals in a fraction of the time, using content already curated to the Content Library. Writing and formatting a sales proposal is made easy through guided steps that provide an easy-to-use, reliable system that works 100% of the time. Proposal writers can also quickly find the best answers to complete requests for proposals (RFPs). With over 25 years of experience in proposal automation, Expedience Software is an industry leader in proposal automation. Proposal management software can help your company save time while generating revenue. Increase your win rates today and try Expedience Software!

What is Proposal Management software?

Proposal management software allows a company to create, archive, and monitor the execution of a proposal. It’s a time-saving tool that facilitates the creation of a professional bid to win a contract. An effective proposal management software allows you to streamline the proposal writing process. The right software will help your business reduce costs and advance profitability by automating the proposal management process.

The key features and benefits of utilizing Expedience’s Proposal Management Software are as follows:

  • Easy access to a Content Library of consistently formatted and branded content
  • Office 365 integration across MS Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook
  • Library content stored in native MS Word format
  • The Content Library can include anything supported by Word, including images, tables, charts, graphs, infographics, and even videos!
  • Comprehensive solution for both RFP responses and proactive proposals
  • A software interface in Microsoft Word that is familiar and easy to learn
  • Integrated collaboration with subject experts and reviewers without licensing fees
  • A Services Team with over 20 years of experience implementing Proposal Automation Software

Who needs to use proposal management software?

Whether you’re in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, legal, asset management, financial services, or other industry, successful business proposals are a critical element of business development and crucial to your company’s success. Manual proposal and RFP response processes are likely to cost far more than you can comprehensively measure. Proposal writing software.

How do you automate a proposal?

Proposal management software is a great way to simplify the proposal process, eliminate many of the associated administrative tasks, and make it easier to save the time necessary to customize the proposal to the opportunity at hand. The best proposal management software for proactive proposals will allow you to create proposals using a template to select all of the necessary sections relevant to your prospect’s requirements. No more searching old files or reaching out to subject matter experts repeatedly. If you want to automate your proposal management process, the easiest way is to use the right proposal management software.

How to choose the right proposal management software

Your business is as unique as your potential prospect. When considering which proposal software solution is best for your needs, carefully consider your company’s current challenges. If necessary, create a list of requirements your team would need to win future proposals. Once you have compiled and finalized your list of requirements, conduct research until you find the software solution that checks off all of your boxes. An effective proposal writing process can open the doors to countless opportunities for your business. Put your team at the forefront of any bidding process with Expedience Software!

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