Most software implementations involve some amount of setup and configuration. So how do you know what the right amount of assistance is right for you?

Yes/No Decision

Let’s make this quick – take the help. Your budget request should include a line item for services to assist you with the implementation. This is not the time to cheat yourself. The software is an investment, and you will realize more long-term value from it by properly investing in getting it deployed.

How much do I need?

This is not to say you need to always buy the platinum package. Consider your goals once the implementation is over. Generally, good implementation services will help you in all of the following ways:
  • Design & Planning – getting ready for and structuring the final configuration should be a major focus
  • Education – helping you to help yourself is the idea here; education should help your team to become independent
  • Build it – this is the area where it makes sense to evaluate your capacity and capabilities; sharing the build is another way to ensure your team’s competency as well as manage costs; this is also where you can add-on if your capacity is lacking

Internal costs

Do not forget the internal costs. Make sure to discuss any potential purchases with your IT department as well as your own team. Also, identify from your vendor what degree of effort is expected from your resources.

Go forward!

Once you decide on a purchase, make it a priority! Remember, you bought the software to improve something within your business. Maintain momentum and keep communicating – the big day will be here before you know it!

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