When responding to a Request for Information (RFI) with a looming deadline, it is sometimes tempting to rush the response process and simply get the RFI (Request for Information) completed and delivered. However, a response to an RFI is a chance to stand out from the competition if the response is crafted with the right pertinent content and presented in the proper format. RFI Software can help organizations to create a quality response with less administrative effort while saving precious time.

What is RFI software?

Companies looking to purchase goods or services issue an RFI at the beginning of the buying process. Responding to an RFI will not likely win the business, but it can serve as a vehicle to move a company into the next phase of the buying cycle. RFI software allows companies to manage the request for information  RFI process to stand out from the competition. The software can help responders quickly create and send polished responses to RFIs through an efficient process that accesses a content library of approved, ready-to-deliver curated content.

How Does RFI Software Work?

A draft response to an RFI can be easily created through access to a content repository that stores all of your pre-defined RFI response answers. With the added benefit of time savings, responders can tailor responses to the opportunity at hand. This is particularly useful in creating custom responses that stand out from the competition.

How to Benefit from RFI Software

An RFI software can help increase productivity and improve the bottom line. To be effective, you need an RFI software that will help you manage this process from start to finish.

Effectiveness of RFI Software

Imagine the effectiveness your sales and proposal teams could bring to your organization if they were not constantly searching for information. Along with this time savings, RFI software can provide the functionality to:

  • Create custom templates to improve consistency in proposal design
  • Store customer-ready pre-formatted content with custom styles, fonts, and colors in line with branding guidelines
  • Embed any object, graphic, or table in the content library that can be used in Microsoft Word RFI response documents
  • Automate placeholders and links to specific proposal content
  • Collaborate with SMEs using familiar Microsoft tools to enhance team communications throughout the RFI process

Expedience Software RFI Software Solutions

Expedience Software is a leading provider of RFIs software solutions. Our RFI software solutions are designed to help companies manage their RFIs effectively, which results in faster and more accurate responses. By using our RFI software solutions, you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete an RFI response by up to 80%
  • Ensure that every response is completed accurately and completely
  • Track progress throughout the process and identify bottlenecks before they occur

Our RFI software is an excellent tool for the entire team. It will help you improve your responses to RFIs, reduce time spent sifting through databases and help you generate the highest quality documents.

Expedience Fosters Team Collaboration

Subject experts and contributors outside the proposal or sales team are not required to have an Expedience license to collaborate on RFI responses or other proposal documents. And what’s more, there are no additional costs associated with soliciting SME contributions.

The Expedience solution leverages the Microsoft collaboration platform supporting real-time co-authoring, including Desktop, Online Word, SharePoint, OneDrive, and MS Teams.

Communicating with your team and SMEs is easy through the added capability of the ‘Quick Mail’ feature, which allows the selection of one or more questions and the generation of an email in a single click.

Expedience Understands Data Security

Another benefit of RFI software is data security. With Expedience, your content is entirely in your control. You can store your content wherever you choose. You can place your content library on DropBox, SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, or for added security safely behind your own internal firewall for added security. You never have to upload your content to a third-party server.

Improved Response Quality

The time savings enabled by good RFI software can be applied to higher-quality custom responses, which are more likely to secure you a place in the next step of the buying process with your target prospect. The RFI responses you select from your RFI software will be thoroughly vetted, curated, and ready to be inserted directly into the RFI software response document.

Reduced Response Times

RFI software’s ability to quickly and efficiently generate and assemble responses is one of the most apparent benefits. RFI Software ensures all content will be stored and accessible in one location within a content library where it can be accessed by everyone who needs it—including those who might not otherwise have access (such as remote employees). This means less time wasted trying to figure out where something is or who has what piece of information. Plus, if someone wants an updated version of existing content, there is no need to reinvent the wheel each time. The content is always ready for consumption within the system. 

Ready to find out more about how Expedience can help you with your RFI, RFP,  and other proposal responses? Schedule a demo today at www.expediencesoftware.com.


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