What is an SOW?

Statements of Work (SOWs) are legally binding documents that capture and define all the work management aspects of a project. You’ll note the Project’s activities, deliverables, and timetable the scope of work, deliverables, assumptions, financials, and other critical contract elements. It’s an highly detailed work contract that defines the terms and conditions agreed upon between parties and lays the groundwork for the project plan. With detail and clarity, the SOW helps keep everyone involved in the project on the same page and works to leave confusion to a minimum.

Statements of Work are complicated. Technical requirements such as Excel tables, charts, and collaboration make it all the more difficult to automate SOWs. SOWs are not supported well by most proposal automation solutions. This leaves most organizations manually creating SOWs in Microsoft Word, copying and pasting from old SOWs and other documents. Manually created  SOWs are challenging to generate consistently and accurately every time. Beyond being slow and costly to develop, SOW errors such as expired or old content, missing or inconsistent information, and other copy/paste errors can bring unacceptable risks to most organizations. For these reasons, SOW management software pays for itself in no time!

What is SOW management software? An SOW management software is a solution designed specifically for businesses that require formal agreements with their clients and partners to ensure that they can fulfill their contractual obligations and keep track of them efficiently.

What does Expedience SOW Management Software do?

A statement of work outlines the specific services to be provided by the contractor, and what the client expects from those services. An SOW is used when someone wants to hire a business to provide a service, and they need to know precisely what they’re getting before they sign on the dotted line.

Using Expedience SOW software dramatically reduces the time and risks associated with the creation of SOWs.  The SOW writer simply opens MS Word, and the content library is automatically launched as a ribbon inside of Word. Content sections can be dropped into the open Word document as needed. SOW content libraries may include items such as standard lists of assumptions and other reusable scope details.

Using SOW templates is easy with Expedience too.  The SOW writer selects content items to use in the SOW through the use of simple checkboxes. Once the appropriate content sections have been selected, the complete SOW is assembled with the latest, most up-to-date versions of these records from the content library, creating an accurate, formatted, and branded client-facing document.

Expedience specializes in automating Statements of Work and other types of documents that require extensive data integration. With Expedience, the SOW writer can import a variety of complex data from Microsoft Excel, such as:

  • Charts
  • Timelines
  • Pricing
  • RACI matrices
  • KPI tables
  • Inline data fields

Benefits of an SOW Management Software

SOW management software helps improve your company’s internal process for creating and managing SOWs. It is specifically designed to automate and streamline your SOW document creation. Benefits include:

Improved Accuracy among all SOW documents

Software that automates SOW creation is designed to make it easier for you to improve your company’s SOW accuracy and consistency.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Using SOW management software allows proposal and sales teams to create SOWs quickly, saving time, money, and internal resources.

Seamless Integration across Microsoft office 365

Expedience specializes in automating Statements of Work and other types of documents that require extensive data integration. We have designed our software to be fully integrated into Microsoft Office in a familiar, easy-to-use environment ensuring user adoption across the organization.

Expedience Software SOW Management Software

Expedience Software’s SOW Management Software can help you ensure all your projects are delivered on time and under budget. Its integration into Office 365 is the ideal solution for companies engaged in projects that necessitate the creation of consistent and accurate SOWs.

Expedience’s SOW Management Software allows you to store ready-to-use curated, perfectly formatted content to build and organize SOW templates and responses. The result is beautiful customer-ready SOWs in a fraction of the time. To start experiencing the benefits of Expedience, request a free demo today!

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