Responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a common challenge to companies ushering new business into an organization. The response process can typically involve multiple departments and a great deal of effort for completion, so there must be an all-out combined effort to ensure an outstanding response that positions your company above the competition. With multiple contributors and a looming deadline, an RFP response checklist can help organizations avoid the pitfalls of missed deadlines, inaccurate or incomplete responses, and poor presentation.

What is an RFP Checklist?

Once you have decided to respond to an RFP, an RFP checklist can help keep errors at bay. There are three components to the RFP Checklist:

  • Tasks and Deadline
    Assemble the response team and assign each party sections of the RFP response and deadlines.
  • Review and Inspection
    Consult with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review each response for accuracy. In addition, the entire document needs an editorial review to check for typos and formatting, including adherence to corporate styles and branding.
  • Assembly and Delivery
    Getting the response out on time is essential, and so is adherence to the instructions from the issuing organization. Take the proper steps to ensure the correct number of copies are created and delivered according to the parameters of the issuer. The delivery method is a critical element to keep in mind to comply with the RFP deadline.

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