If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been tasked with managing content for a Request for Proposal (RFP) or proposal response. If so, you’re in good company. More and more companies are relying on proposal content management software to help them automate the proposal or RFP process of creating winning bids. This software application is faster than traditional methods of creating bid documents and also reduces mistakes while allowing teams to collaborate remotely on proposals worldwide—to win more business.

What is Proposal Content Management Software?

Proposal content management software for a stand-alone proposal or request for proposal is an application that allows collaborators to manage the content of a bid response in one place. The software usually includes a content library of approved formatted and branded content, so you can quickly create a new response document.

Today, with proposal content management software, creating a proposal has become much less burdensome. It is no longer a process of cobbling together old proposal documents or searching network file folders for the best and most accurate answers. Modern proposal content management software turns the process into a simple, painless method of sending quality proposals in less time. Proposal management software will enable you to create, share, track, and store your proposal-ready content from a single platform.

Why Use RFP and Proposal Content Management Software?

It stands to reason that proposal and RFP responses can represent a first and lasting impression of your business. Responses need to be personalized and professional. Employing a manual process to meet these standards can be time-consuming and difficult. Proposal and sales teams can waste precious time on manual tasks that could be completed much more efficiently and professionally using an automated solution. The time for weekend and evening overtime is radically becoming a thing of the past.

Sales and proposal teams aim to speed up the process, improve productivity, and increase win rates. And the best way to do that is to automate the RFP and proposal response process.

Proposal Content Management Software Enables Proposal Authors to:

  • Create the first draft faster by helping you to create the document using a standard template.
  • Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in real-time, simultaneously in the live document, while building out the response so that SMEs can easily contribute input on the sections where they have the most knowledge.
  • Build a content library of pre-approved, branded, and formatted content to avoid having to go back to past RFP and proposal responses and asking SMEs for assistance with answers to questions that have been previously provided over and over again.
  • Gain valuable time back to respond to a more significant number of RFPs (and possibly win a higher number) thanks to automated steps that save a great deal of time it would typically take to respond to an RFP or proposal responses.

Because Expedience is native to Microsoft Office, the content library can include anything supported by Microsoft Word, including images, tables, charts, graphs, videos, and more.  The RFP and Proposal response content records are formatted and branded to your exact corporate style guidelines.  Expedience enables companies to control fonts, colors, headings, bullets and more. Learn more about the amazing things companies are doing with Expedience Software.  We’d love to hear from you if you have any additional questions or comments. You can also request a demo to try Expedience Software.

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