Although proposals are just one of the many elements of a buyer’s journey and the sales cycle, they play a significant role in sales success and winning new business.

How can you raise the level of professionalism and positively impact the number, quantity, and quality of your sales proposals? The answer, in most cases, is Proposal Software.

Proposal Software produces higher quality proposals faster, filled with curated approved content and output always in adherence with corporate branding.

Proposal Software and Impact on the Sales Cycle

Once an organized proposal response process is implemented and adhered to using Proposal Software, the likelihood of relying on ad hoc, disheveled, reactive responses diminish, and the result leads to high-quality proposals that improve win rates and improve the morale of everyone involved, including proposal managers, proposal writers, content managers, and sales organizations.

Tangible Benefits with Proposal Software

Content Library

Once you have established a content library with your Proposal Software solution, you can reuse approved existing content items in recurring and new opportunities. Never again risk using old responses from previous proposals and RFP documents, hoping to have the most up-to-date information to put into a new opportunity. Only to find that the company or contact name still needs to be updated ‘after’ submitting the response. Many companies find that 80% of the content required to complete new proposals is repeatable. Using a content library to house this information saves time and increases the project’s overall efficiency.


Proposal Software can lead to massive gains in productivity and time savings, including:

  • Instant access to ‘winning content’ for each new proposal
  • Fast and straightforward document assembly
  • Improvements in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for custom requirements

Improved Response Quality

With the gains in improved response time, sales and proposal teams can spend less administrative time answering the same questions repeatedly and can focus more time on customizing responses for the unique opportunity at hand.

The purpose of proposal software is to reduce the time your writers spend on administrative functions when creating a proposal while increasing the overall quality and consistency of their output.

Some organizations embrace proposal automation to reduce the time required to complete a proposal and increase the number of RFPs and proposals to which they can respond.

Other organizations that use proposal automation choose to reallocate their effort and increase time spent on strategic efforts to increase proposal effectiveness and win rates.

Proposal writers do not have the luxury of prolonged response time. Deadlines are generally tight and uncompromising. Proposal Software helps companies determine how, when, and where to invest time and effort.

Organizations shift their approach based on the qualification, win probability, and client relationship, of the specific opportunity – spending less time on lesser valuable opportunities and more time on those valuable opportunities that deserve the additional effort.

Investment in Proposal Software

Proposal Software should be carefully considered by any business regularly challenged to stand out in a complex buying cycle that involves a proposal or RFP response.

Consider the Importance of Proposals

How valuable are they to your organization? If they are highly valuable, the costs of mistakes inherent with ‘copy and paste’ proposals will likely justify this investment.

How Much Would be Saved if Proposals Cost Half as Much to Create?

People are the most significant investment for almost every organization. If it’s reasonable that proposal automation will free up 50% of the time currently spent making a proposal, this increased productivity will undoubtedly justify investing in proposal automation.

Improve Team Morale and Turnover

Proposal Software reduces turnover of proposal personnel and leads to improvements in work/life balance.

Win More Opportunities with Improved Quality and Consistency in Proposal Response

Suppose an organization reasonably expects to win one, two, or ten more deals. In that case, the profits from these opportunities will clearly make it easy to justify a purchase of proposal software.

Let’s Talk

We would love to help your organization better determine the impact and results you should expect from investing in proposal software. We can also help you understand where our software best fits and how we approach solving the problems discussed in this post.

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