Automated Statement Of Work Software

Implementing automated statement of work software at your organization means your team can save significant time and do a better job with this  business-critical document.

Submitting statements of work is an important activity for many types of services companies. The challenge is that these documents can be laborious to compile and difficult to streamline. Your business might find itself spending an inordinate amount of time creating these and other essential business development documents.

That’s why Expedience is here — to help improve the SOW process with our powerful proposal automation solution. The automated SOW process with Expedience, is integrated natively with Microsoft Word. That means, through Word, you are able to compile proposals quickly, cutting down production time by almost half!

Improve your Statement of Work Process through Expedience

By implementing our automated statement of work software, your firm is able to cut out many of the things that slow this process up. These include:

  • Sifting through old proposals to find the right content
  • Manually copy and paste the content into new proposals
  • Searching out and updating static fields such as “client name” to eliminate potential embarrassing errors
  • Tracking down subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • And more

Instead, you can improve the SOW process with Expedience’s content library, which gives you instant access to proven, pre-approved information. Expedience also lays out a roadmap in terms of format, so you are able to package this information in a professional, readable template format that falls in line with your brand.

At Expedience, we have helped countless businesses completely streamline the process of responding to requests for SOWs and many other types of proposals. By bringing efficiency to this process, your company is able to secure more business and enhance profitability.

We’re ready to show you how! Expedience’s automated statement of work software is now available for a free, no-obligation trial. Get started now!

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