Automated RFI Response Software

Why does your organization need automated RFI response software? Imagine the benefits that could be realized if you figured out how to streamline the RFI process — not only would this lead to greater consistency and efficiency of document creation, but it could align your company on a trajectory to win more business.When you team up with Expedience Software’s automated RFI response process, you are investing in the future success of your company. Where conventional proposal automation software has traditionally relied on complex combinations of software tools such as back-end databases, web-front ends, cloud repositories and multiple user interfaces, Expedience uses only one software platform – Microsoft Office. Our easy-to-use software significantly reduces the “learning curve” for both your proposal and sales teams as they conduct the challenging work of proposal automation.

The Easiest Automated RFI Response Software

When you use Expedience’s intuitive proposal software, you instantly improve the quality of your RFI documents. Our software provides the keys to streamline RFI process steps through organization and efficiency.Your teams will no longer have to search through piles of old documents filed throughout your network drives in order to harvest the desired RFI content. Instead, they can use a searchable content library to quickly access the proposal content that will generate the highest-quality documents.Imagine the power that your sales and marketing teams could bring to your organization if they were not bogged down with constant digging for information. Expedience also provides full functionality to:
  • Create custom templates to improve consistency in proactive proposal design
  • Pre-format content with official corporate colors, fonts and styles in alignment with your branding style guide
  • Embed graphics, objects, and tables in your Microsoft Word documents
  • Automate placeholders and the ability to link to specific proposal content
  • Collaborate with SMEs using tools that can improve communication within your teams.
You have the power to take back the proposal process, improve the quality of your content and eliminate the frustration associated with RFPs and RFIs. When you choose our automated RFI response software, you are setting your teams up for future success. Ready to learn more? Contact Expedience today for your no-risk, no-obligation product demonstration.

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