Automated Request For Proposal Software

If you are looking for ways to improve your proposal process, you may want to consider the automated request for proposal software from Expedience Software.

Our system is easy-to-use, intuitive and responsive to your organization’s individual needs and is developed by the leading proposal automation experts in the marketplace today. Turn to Expedience to improve RFP process with solutions that are integrated directly into the familiar and powerful document creation platform of Microsoft Office.

With an automated RFP process, you will find the added benefit of significantly reducing the time to create RFP response documents, and improvement in efficiency and quality of your proposal documents. Content is curated in conformance with your individual brand standards and is pre-approved for use by your sales and proposal teams.

Improving your Win-Rate with Automated Request for Proposal Software

Although your team may try to find “inspiration” from old proposals, proposal professionals often find themselves wasting time by starting from scratch on each new document. Instead of a manual copy and paste approach, why not improve the RFP process with a centralized content library and automation tools? Expedience Software gives your team access to tools such as:

  • Complete, searchable databases with approved proposal content
  • Intuitive tools for collaboration, all integrated within Microsoft Office
  • Pre-formatted content housed in a repository that makes search and insert of proposal content a breeze
  • A solution for those pesky Excel-based RFP requests
  • And, much more

Our software minimizes the time your team spends on the administrative tasks of proposal writing allowing them the time to spend on customizing the RFP response to the opportunity at hand. Expedience Software eliminates unnecessary searching through old documents, shared drives, and file folders for the right content and reduces errors in your final RFP response document. Are you ready to adopt automated request for proposal software at your company? Contact the Expedience team now to learn more about your options. We can’t wait to help you streamline your proposal process.

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