Automate Proposal Statement Of Work Software

Are you ready for automate statement of work software that can quickly and easily assemble SOWs for you? Instead of reinventing the wheel every time you need to submit aSOW, why not consider working with proposal statement of work software?

At Expedience Software, we know that you would rather be doing the real work of consulting, providing healthcare, solving IT problems or developing engineering strategies — proposals are, frankly, a challenge to most of our clients — but a necessary component of winning business.

In addition to our ability to automate Statements of Work, Expedience has an easy to use solution to assist in response to Word and Excel based RFPs. Improve your efficiency and virtually eliminate inconsistencies in your proposals with the help of our RFP software online based system. Expedience helps you grow your business thanks to our ability to automate proposal software. Let us show you the advantages of working with Expedience!

A Cost-Effective Approach to Automate Statement of Work Software

If you have been shopping for proposal statement of work software, you may be concerned about the cost. Many of our competitors require clients to purchase “seats,” or licenses for each person that will be touching the proposal. That is a complicated approach, and it can add up quickly!

Instead of adding more complexity to your system, Expedience strives to simplify. When you choose our proposal automation system, you pay only for those individuals that need to access the Content Portfolio ribbon that houses the pre-approved content. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) simply communicate their edits and changes within a Microsoft Word document and will not require a license.

Furthermore, our system allows for additional flexibility and security. You can choose where to store your content – in Dropbox, One Drive, SharePoint or if you have concerns about the security of your data you can store it safely behind your own firewall.

We offer the flexibility and customization you need to drive your business. One-size-fits-all does not work for proposals, and it does not work for our Expedience clients. Ready for an entirely new way to automate statement of work software? We can’t wait to get started working for you. Contact our team now to learn more about your marketing automation options.

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