As companies face increased losses to competitors, frustrations within the company, and slow response times to RFPs, there is increasing interest in automating the RFP response process. Organizations looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness have turned toward RFP software solutions.

With the right people and processes in place, RFP software can automate critical parts of the proposal response process, including populating your responses with curated, approved, and branded content ready to drop into the response document.

What is RFP software?

RFP software allows proposal writers and sales teams immediate access to branded content-rich responses to RFPs. Storing the content in a content repository ensures the answers are the most up-to-date responses for your organization, all while mitigating the risk of non-compliance. This software can help you quickly respond to RFPs and keep track of the information you need when responding to RFPs.RFP software allows you to respond more quickly and effectively to requests for proposals (RFPs) by helping you find and manage the content you need.

How does RFP software work?

RFP software works by centralizing your content, making it quicker and simpler to respond to requests for proposals. This software reduces the effort to find and use the best content without the arduous manual searching of old RFPs for responses or overburdening your subject matter experts. With RFP software, companies can respond faster and have more time to customize the response at hand to outbid the competition.

RFP software also makes it easier to share and collaborate with various departments that weigh into the final RFP response.

Benefits of RFP Software

RFP software can help you manage your request for proposals (RFPs) in a more organized way. This software can help you respond faster to RFPs with ease and keep track of the information you need when responding to RFPs. The benefits of using RFP software include:

Save Time & Effort

As a responder to RFPs, your job is the constant pursuit of new business by responding to every viable RFP. Time is a precious commodity. If you want to reclaim time and effort lost to the RFP process, RFP Software can help. Manual and repetitive tasks require insurmountable time for completion. Automating the RFP response process will reduce the time it takes to create and send an RFP response. Using RFP Software removes the inefficiencies far too common in the response process and helps teams be more productive and focused.

Improve Response Quality

It’s easy to see how vital a quality response is in winning the business. Responses to RFPs are often the first opportunity for your organization to make an impression on a potential client. RFPs must show how organized, thoughtful, and strategic your company and its content can be. RFP software can help you improve response quality by allowing easy access to stored content, which is perfectly formatted and branded, and approved by proposal teams, sales teams, and subject matter experts.

Reduce Response Time

Getting caught up in responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is easy, but with RFP software, you can respond faster, more effectively, and reduce your response time. RFP software can also reduce the error-prone nature of responses in this complicated, time-consuming step of winning new business.

Make it Easier to Store Content

RFP software centralizes mission-critical content for use in RFPs and other business development documents. Disjointed content is one of the most significant challenges of the RFP process. Today, the decades-old practice of searching for content in old RFP responses, file folders, or disparate network drives is commonly replaced by a centralized content library that allows easy access to all permissioned users for consumption of approved and branded proposal-ready content.

Increased Collaboration

If your company has multiple departments and you’re looking for a way to collaborate on projects easily, an RFP software solution can be an excellent choice.

Responding to an RFP typically involves wrangling participation from the proposal team members and key members of other departments, including sales, marketing, engineering, legal, and compliance. A dedicated RFP software will keep track of all assignments and deadlines to ensure a high-quality response is completed on time.

Expedience Software RFP Software Solutions

There are many benefits to using RFP software. You can save time and improve your response quality by using one, and it may also help you stand out from the competition. Expedience Software offers RFP response software native to Microsoft Office. With Expedience, your sales and proposal teams will respond to RFPs by making beautiful and branded proposals every time, using curated content from a centralized library, while never leaving Microsoft Word. Built on the familiar Microsoft Word ribbon interface, proposal writers quickly find the best answers to complete requests for proposals within the content library. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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